Artist Statement:

I believe we are all creative beings no matter what the process, materials or avenue chosen. One of my outlets just happens to be painting. I'm drawn to light, luminosity and the contrast brought on by the light source. In just a matter of seconds light can transform a figure or a landscape from ordinary to magical.

Watercolor and Encaustic (molten wax) painting are both complex, challenging and unpredictable mediums. To me, they're also surprising, captivating and rewarding styles of painting. The layering of both watercolor and encaustic is what I love most - layer by layer - figuring out the next step to achieve depth and contrast. I'm especially drawn to water; the movement, the stillness, the calming effect and the wow factor it demonstrates in all its different forms.

With watercolor I leave the white of the paper and build contrast with translucent layers. Encaustic not only allows me to build many layers and create texture but to also embed unique and unexpected objects into the painting for all to explore.

My intention with painting is to capture, remind and bring more beauty into our lives, our homes, work space and our surroundings. There's so much beauty, light, color and amazement all around us and sometimes we just need a reminder to really look and focus our attention on it all. I hope you enjoy.​

- Andrea Timm

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